Coziwow Artificial Turf Grass Pee Pad For Dogs


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Color: Black and Green
Material: PP + PS + PE
Overall Dimension: 25.2″L x 20.08″W
Net Weight: 3.31 LBS

Package includes:
1 x Dog Grass Pad
1 x User Manual

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Coziwow Artificial Turf Grass Pee Pad For Indoor & Outdoor Potty Training

potty training your puppy,Tired of replacing sodden pee pads? The Coziwow artificial grass pee pad is the modern solution for quick and effective potty training for puppies and dogs.Give your pooch a designated potty spot that is easy to maintain with the Coziwow artificial grass pad. No more hunting for stray puddles or nasty odors! Experience the modern way to potty train dogs with artificial turf.

  • [Soft Appearance] : Designed to mimic the texture of real grass and is sometimes infused with an attractant to make it even more desirable for your pooch. Grass patches are green and visually appealing, not to mention comfortable for your pooch to sit on. Their soft texture makes them more pleasing for dogs who are used to doing their business in lawns or backyards.
  • [Three-layer System] : Quality artificial grass mounted on a grid and base tray. This design allows liquid to drain to the bottom base tray, so grass mat is always dry and ready for use. Bottom base tray detaches from grid tray for an easy and mess free clean up. Simply rinse and wash with soap and water.
  • [Indoor Outdoor Use] : This pet potty trainer is suitable for compact spaces such as RV’s, campers, apartments, sun rooms, balconies. And perfect for any patio, porch, or garage! Plus, it is light enough to carry to where you need it.

Features of cozowow potty training pad

Realistic Appearance and Texture

  • Features vivid green blades and brown thatching designed to resemble natural grass
  • Uses soft, non-abrasive fibers that are comfortable on paws
  • Low-profile backing allows urine to drain through easily

Built for Easy Cleaning

  • Synthetic turf can be rinsed off with water after use
  • Liquids drain through quickly leaving surface dry
  • Neutralize odors and sanitize with pet-safe enzymes or vinegar

Portable and Durable

  • Weighs less than 5 lbs for easy transport
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Withstands regular use without falling apart
  • Resists fading in sunlight

20"×30", 20"×25"


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